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A juice a day keeps the sluggish away?

April 27, 20222 min read

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! I woke up and really wanted to make my green juice. I tend to always have my blender out because I love to make smoothies, but it has been far too long since I've made my juice! A lot of my clients have questions about the difference between juicing and smoothies, and which is better for you? Honestly, it is ALL GOOD FOR YOU! As long as you are finding ways to get fruits and vegetables into your body, you're already giving your body what it wants.

It has been pretty gloomy and rainy, the sun has been peeking out from behind the clouds which I have really enjoyed. I'm from San Diego, so I miss the sunny days. Being outside, basking in the sun and absorbing vitamin D is an overall good feeling and immediately will uplift my vibe. When I drink my green juice, I get that same feeling. With all of the nutrients being IMMEDIATELY delivered to my neurons, brain, muscles, stomach and intestines, the enzymes inside of my juice are ready to work and digest right away.

That is the biggest difference between drinking a green juice vs a green smoothie. In a smoothie, you are receiving the bulk fiber of the ingredients from the food you're putting in. Whether it is juicing or drinking a smoothie, it is a great way to start a self care day, and keep up with your internal maintenance. If you are feeling sick, sluggish, tired or just need a mental boost, grab your juicer and try my juice recipe. If you want to juice everyday, DO IT. There is no harm in it. It is phenomenal for your body, especially on an empty stomach.

My goal is to dedicate one day per week on being mindful and not feeling so anxious. Taking time to do yoga or stretch, drink my green juice and just have a day to have a break and relax. On a mindful day, I am mindful to taking care of myself. Once you feel the invigorating benefits that juicing gives you, you will want to continuously do it and make it a habit. No matter if you're on vacation or traveling, you can always grab a green juice. Take time to nourish your body! Comment below, what you do to nourish your body and feel your best?

I hope you have a great Wednesday, Cheers!

Sara Sackett

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