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Day 5 Cleanse To Heal

September 25, 20212 min read

This morning we went to the Salem Farmer's Market. I love going to it! There are over 150 vendors and I found the most delicious organic tomato stand. I walked away with 3 different types of tomatoes and they all smelled freaking amazing! I used some baby tomatoes in our salad when we got home for lunch and I could have eaten a bowl full they were that fresh and good. I also got fresh flowers, 3 pounds of different honey varietals and a few different honey sticks to try. So fun. I also used the blackberry honey in our salad as our dressing alongside lemon juice. I'll take a pic next week when I go back to the farmers market and post it. It's definitely great to eat local and find the most in season fruits and veggies that you can. If you don't have this available you can buy frozen fruit and veggies and they should still have a lot of their nutritional value intact due to the fact that they freeze the food when it is at peak ripeness and the freezing keeps it fresh.

After the Farmer's market we explored a grocery store near our house called 'Natural Grocers' that we haven't been but it is a local produce store that has sooo many healthy options and fresh organic produce! I was stoked to find it! We were able to get pure maple syrup in bulk and I found some Organic herbal teas I can have during the cleanse. I also walked away with 9 stalks of celery and 10 Fuji apples, bell peppers, potatoes, bananas and fresh water!:)

For dinner we went to Venti's and I was able to find a Cleanse approved meal! That was nice since I've been juicing/cooking all my meals for 5 days. It was nice to spend the day together.. We have both been traveling and hosting different people it was nice to have the day to chill and hang out.:)

Daily Weight: 126

What I ate today!

8 am Lemon water

9 am 24 oz Celery Juice

10:30 am frozen mango and dragonfruit w/ blueberries on top

1:30 pm roasted orange pepper/zuchinni/onion/tomato/garlic soup and salad w/ lemon/honey dressing

2 pm Lemon balm tea

3pm 1 breakfast cookie and 1/2 apple

6:30 pm Korean Jackfruit, veggies, brown rice bowl

9 pm 2 breakfast cookies

9:30 pm Hibiscus tea

Sara Sackett

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