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Holding myself accountable on vacation...

June 14, 20222 min read

Happy day guys!

I was sitting in my car after grocery shopping and I wanted to talk about a few things. Duston and I spent a few weeks on vacation. The first week, we were in Mexico and then we spent some time in San Diego. The motto for the week was "Eat, drink and be merry!" The second week, we told ourselves it’s time to eat a little less, drink a little less but still be merry. By the third week, I couldn’t continue without a routine.

I needed quality food and absolutely no alcohol. I wanted to drink more water, juices, smoothies and get back on my regimen. Being that it was my birthday, I had tons of fun but I did not want to get beside myself. A lot of people will put heavy emphasis on working out before going on vacation, but do not continue to hold themselves accountable during vacation. I think it is important to maintain your lifestyle as much as possible even while on vacation. You don’t have to do heavy intensity workouts but a light jog, some squats and pushups, will definitely help you stay in the groove of things.

I like to commit to a program or challenge because it takes the thought out of what workouts I will be doing. I still like to enjoy myself but it’s about finding a balance. The goal is to track your meals, maintaining your eating habits, and finding ways to incorporate movement into your vacation routine.

Try to hold yourself accountable to who you are, what your goals are, how do you want to feel in the long run. It's easy to get caught up in vacation life, and wanting to do what your friends are doing. (Which probably isn’t the healthiest, seeing as they’re on vacation as well.) If they're eating fried foods, you may feel inclined to. REMEMBER your goals. REMEMBER how you feel about your goals. You are in control.

I am very proud every time I go out with friends and I stick with my routine. It is important that you have the support you need to be more influenced to make the choices that are good for you.

If you find you are needing more support, to be a part of a community, or needing help with accountability when it comes to health and wellness, Look into our healthy living membership.

Comment if you relate!

Much love,


Sara Sackett

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